Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wine Happenings for March 1, 2013

Staring March 1, we'll be doing a weekly round-up of the hottest wine news both online and in-print. See what the hottest wine-related stories are, with a bit of commentary from yours truly.

There has been quite a lot of exciting wine news and general buzz this week! From wine scams to the launching of the Nelson Mandela family winery,  it's certainly been a busy week for wine.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that US wine exports were up in 2012, with strong showings in both the Canadian and Export markets. California still dominates US wine exports, but does this growth mean that we'll be seeing more wine from other regions, such as Oregon and Washington State in the LCBO?

Speaking of the LCBO, the Globe and Mail ran an interesting article about the still-murky prospect of importing wines from other provinces. While it seems theoretically possible to purchase wine from other provinces for personal consumption, it seems unclear as to which merchants would be willing to ship to other provinces. Could Ontarians start buying wine from the SAQ, for instance?

Moving away from the Canadian side of things, the Drinks Business reported that a Chinese winemaker is going to be exhibiting their wine at the London International Wine Fair this year. This is the first time that a Chinese winemaker will be presenting wine at LIWF and perhaps marks the beginning of exported Chinese wines?

Reuters also ran a story about the UK government selling off some of its wine cellar in an attempt to make the government's cellars self-sustainable. It certainly seems a necessary measure in tough economic times, but will it be enough to actually make the cellar economically self-sufficient?

Decanter published an article about con men pretending to be representatives of UK merchants Berry Bros. and Rudd in order to scam wineries out of 1.5 million pounds worth of wine. Certainly a poignant warning for wineries to be careful in who they do business with.

Also in the news, a post from the Wall Street Journal blog pages about the launch of the Nelson Mandela family winery. It'll be interesting to see what Mandela's name can do for the reputation of South African wine.

Finally, there's a new Vintages release this Saturday! Lots of interesting Australian and Italian wines, as well as our very own Sobro red 2010 from Herdade do Sobroso in Portugal! You can read a review of the Sobro 2010 as well as other wines in this Vintages release at Michael Pinkus' Grape Guy blog

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